Feb 10 2011

Space Balls ‘Dark Helmet’ Replica To Be Made!

Space Balls ‘Dark Helmet’ Replica To Be Made!

From the same designers of the Voltron, Robotech and G-Force helmets, comes yet another design! That of ‘Dark Helmet’ from Space Balls! This helmet Replica of the orignal, with a flip up face plate. For those that are intrested, please contact me and I’ll give you more details! Remember the more orders we have, the cheaper the product will be!

For those interested contact me at: screamers@retroscreamers.com

Or at my facebook account:


To give you an idea of how great these designs would be..A look at the Robotech helmets that are now being molded!

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    By Wheeljack35, February 12, 2011 @ 1:53 pm

    That robotech helmet looks like Speed Racer X’s helmet

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