Jan 17 2011

Getting To Know Randall Ng: A Transfan Original

Getting To Know Randall Ng – A Transfan Original!

[Randall gives Arcee new life through graphic designs!]

Known throughout the G.I. Joe and Transformers fandom ‘Randall Ng’ has become a SuperStar! With amazing talents in graphic designs there’s no end on what he could do and what he has done! Now through ‘Retro Screamers’ I know give you a personal interview with the master himself, Randall Ng!

[Of course it’s not just about his amazing talents, but being a fan too!]

Finding ‘Randall Ng’ online!





[Designed for Joe Con/Cobra Con 2009]

Getting to know Randall Ng!

Screamers: First off Randall on starting this interview I’d like to say I’ve recently been watching some of your Justice League Heroes and the detail and animation is simply amazing! Also I want to thank you Randall for letting me do this interview and I look forward to your replies as Director of Graphic Design, Animator, Modeler, Fan and so much more!

-Looking over your personal history in video gaming, graphic designs, animation and modeling. May I first ask what inspired you to do this type of work and to design?

Randall Ng: I grew up watching cartoons and was mesmerized by animation as an art. I wanted to get into the animation field at a very early age.

Screamers: As I’ve mentioned I’ve been watching some of your videos which are amazing..But do you remember how you first got started and what had been your first video design?

Randall Ng: I drew a lot when I was small. I borrowed my uncle’s video camera and actually made some home movies with storylines and got some friends involved. When I was learning 3D, it was still in its infancy. We did our work on SGI machines and it was very slow going. Schools were ill-equipped at the time. And the instructors honestly didn’t know much about this new technology. I wound up learning from a friend when 3D came to home computers and learned a lot on my own by creating my own projects.

[Giving Megatron and Starscream amazing life through graphic design!]

Screamers: When it comes to designing replica models do you have favorites and can you share a few with the fans. [On a personal note: I loved the design for Team Alpha with Soundwave and the cassettes!]

Randall Ng: I’m glad to hear you liked Team Alpha. I recently upgrade our unique Optimus Prime model and like the final results, but I like each of my models for different reasons. They’re kind of like my CG kids. I am particularly happy with my recent Arcee model as she turned out better than I planned.

Screamers: Can you give us an example of the easier models you’ve designed compared to one of the harder ones?

Randall Ng: Well, if I base a model off of a toy and I have it in hand, it makes work easier. Like modeling Masterpiece Grimlock would’ve been much more difficult to model from only pictures from the internet.

[Arcee Striking a pose!]

For The Gamers!

Screamers: Being that you’ve worked on many games and designs, I’d first like to ask you..We’re you a gamer like most of us kids of the late eighties and early nineties?
Randall Ng: When the Atari 2600 came out, it was on! Except for the fact that we didn’t own one. I would always have to wait and see if one of our friends had one so we could play.

Screamers: If so had this been one of your major inspirations when it came to designing games?
Randall Ng: Yes, it started with a spark that became a fire.

Screamers: Having read your interviews on ‘Justice League Heroes’, can you tell fans a little more about your work with the game? And plans for future games you may be designing?
Randall Ng: I was in charge of the Batman as well as many of the other iconic DC characters. I had a lot of input in the combat design and the boss battles and even modeled several characters/costumes. I got to work on some of my favorite characters of all time and bring them to life! Currently, I am working on another well loved IP for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

[With an amazing setting and background, we see Cliffjumper & Bumblebee!]
It’s time To kick It Old School!

Screamers: Since this is a Retro fan site Randall I have to you ask you..Growing up can you name some of your favorite video games? [Referring to games mainly designed for home systems]
Randall Ng: Naming a few Jungle Hunt (Atari 2600), StarFox (SNES), Macross Scrambled Valkyrie (Super Famicom), Metal Gear Solid (PSone), Hokuto no Ken: Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu (PSone), ICO (PS2), Splinter Cell series (XBOX), Transformers: War for Cybertron (XBOX 360), Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage (XBOX 360). There are more, I have so many favorites, but I’ll stop there.

Screamers: Name some of your favorite Arcade games?
Randall Ng: The Tekken series and Street Fighter series (except EX)

Screamers: What was your favorite game system growing up? [Atari, Colleco, Sega, NES etc..]

Randall Ng: My Atari 2600 was cool, but SNES was amazing. Lots of joy to my PS2 and late nights playing Halo 2 with my wife online with our XBOX. I primarily play my XBOX 360 these days.

Screamers: And do you have a favorite character when it comes to the classic games?

Randall Ng: Ryu from Street Fighter. He trains hard to become the best. I admire that. 🙂

[Randall giving fans a closer look at his G1 Hound]

Getting To Know The Toy Collector!

Screamers: From the posts I’ve seen off your profile and things I’ve heard, you’re quite the Transformer collector. Can you tell fans a little about your collection and when you had started collecting the toys?

Randall Ng: I was there at the beginning. Hound was my first followed by my all time favorite Autobot – PROWL! I have several of my original TFs from 25+ years ago.

[Randall giving Fans a closer look at his collection!]

Screamers: Had you collected Transformers as a kid and can you share your first Transformer memory, whether it was a cartoon, comic or toy that first introduced to the characters?

Randall Ng: I bought the comic mini-series first and then was totally engrossed in the G1 TV series. The stories, the voices, the characters, everything.

Screamers: Your Favorite Transformer Character?
Randall Ng: Prowl (but I also like so many others)

[Another glance at an amazing collection!]
Screamers: Your Favorite Toy?
Randall Ng: If I had to pick one… gosh, I can’t really pick one. But the Binaltech/Alternators and Classics are amazing post-original G1 toylines.
Screamers: Seeing you at Botcon many times, may I ask you what it’s been like to not only be a fan but to also get the chance to design videos for the convention?
Randall Ng: An absolute honor and joy to work with the folks at Fun Publications. When they first approached me to make the BotCon2009 video for them, I was flattered. Making the characters come to life with the absolutely amazing voices of DR. SMOOV is like living the dream. It’s what I personally wanted to see was a 3D video with Generation One characters. DR. SMOOV has their voices, characters and their inflections perfectly. I have never heard anyone come even close except for the original actors themselves to his renditions. Some people don’t realize that DR. SMOOV and I are working professionals in the entertainment industry, but we are HUGE fans of Transformers. The videos we make are basically the videos we’ve always wanted to see. Now, with technology allowing us to create videos and communicate over the internet, all these things that would’ve been only in dreams has become a reality.
[It’s all about Randall’s favorite Bots and Cons!]
Screamers: What we’re your feelings as a fan on winning the Botcon 2009 film festival and having your video on the Shout Factory’s official “Transformers: Generation 1 Matrix of Leadership” DVD set?
Randall Ng: Getting on the Shout!Factory’s Official Transformers: Generation 1 Matrix of Leadership DVD Set actually came before our video won at the BotCon2009 film festival. They had seen an advanced copy of the vid and wanted to include it on the bonus disc. It was truly an honor to become part of an official Transformers release! But I have to say, hearing all the cheers and people yelling, “Make more!” as I accepted the win on stage at the Paramount Party on the behalf of DR. SMOOV and myself was a night I’ll truly never forget. Stan Bush put on a rockin’ concert too that night. The fan support was outstanding. It was very humbling and inspired me to make sure to “make more.”
Screamers: I’ve heard you mention other toy lines as well. Can you name some of your favorites, that you’ve both owned and now collect?
Randall Ng: In addition to Transformers, I collect G.I. Joe, Macross, Batman, and a variety of video game/anime figures if the sculpts are good.
[More Randall Goodies!]
Screamers: Growing up the eighties I’m sure you remember many favorite cartoons. Can you tell us Retro some of your favorite cartoons and share some of the toys other then Transformers that you might have owned?
Randall Ng: G.I. Joe, Macross, Mospeada, Hokuto No Ken, Batman: the Animated Series
In ending this interview Randall I’ve like to thank you again for doing this and I look forward to seeing more of you games and videos as they come out!
A Video Favorite!
In the ‘NGSMOOV’ collection of videos ‘ARCEE Makeup Guru’

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