Nov 04 2010

Star Wars MIMOBOTs!

Star Wars MIMOBOTs!

Designer USB Flash Drives, That’s What They Are & They’re Totally Retro Looking!

Storm Trooper Han USB

During my recent trip to New York Comic Con I set out looking for new merchandise I could promote through Screamers Retro Flashbacks..Why because I not only want to be a retro site, I want to also talk about items that are coming out, items that are based of retro things. Such as Star Wars!

Storm Trooper Luke USB

These Mimobots fit right in that category as they bring fans USB flash drives designed as our favorite characters!

Vader USB

Some of The Characters You’ll See Included!

Hoth Luke
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Stormtrooper Unmasked

Plus Many More!

When it comes to Star Wars they’ve always got new designs coming out, but that’s not the only USB designs you’ll find as they also have: Domo, Hello Kitty, Halo and many other popular designs!

For you computer nuts and retro fans just like myself, these are a must! For More Info And To Buy Your Own MIMOBOT! Check Out: MIMOBOT


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