Sep 22 2010

You’ve Got The Touch: An Interview With Stan Bush

You’ve Got The Touch: An Interview With Stan Bush

It was opening weekend for Transformers the movie 1986, when I sat glued to a third roll seat with my sister.. Both of us had been blown away not only by what was happening to our favorite characters, but with the music score. It was then that I first heard your music Stan. ’You’ve Got The Touch’ and ‘Dare’ these songs were becoming a part of Transformer history.

Screamers: With that said I would thank you both for being a part of those fond childhood memories and for now doing this interview.

Stan Bush: It’s my pleasure!  I really appreciate the support!

Screamers: My first question to you would be. How does it feel to be a part of the Transformer legacy?

Stan Bush: It’s totally awesome!  I have a lot of people tell me how those songs (“The Touch” and “Dare”) were such a big part of their childhood. It’s really an honor!

Screamers: Had you ever imagined that twenty plus years after ‘The Touch’ &‘Dare’ were played on the big screen, that fans would still remember and love them just as much as the day they were first introduced?

Stan Bush: It’s really cool! I think the positive lyrics and the ‘good vs. evil’ thing resonates with people.  “The Touch” was kind of a life-changing thing for me as well, because from then on I kept that ‘go for it’ ‘believe in yourself’ feeling stuck with me.  It’s really true that we make our own reality.

Screamers: In regards to both your songs being in ‘Transformers’ the movie..Had you audition for the musical score or had you been contacted in another way?

Stan Bush: The record label (Scotti Bros.) arranged for “The Touch” to be in the TF movie, and the soundtrack.

Screamers: I know ‘Ground Zero’ had been written specifically for Botcon, but what of ‘Dare’ and ‘The Touch’ had those song been written just for the movie?

Stan Bush: My co-writer Lenny Macaluso and I originally wrote “The Touch” for the Stallone movie “Cobra”.  When the record label got it in “Transformers: The Movie” instead, we were like, ‘a cartoon movie about robots’?  Anyway, we didn’t know at the time it would become such a huge phenomenon!  “The Touch” came out last summer on Guitar Hero and will be coming out soon for Rock Band!  The song has also been in the movie “Boogie Nights” and on Chuck (NBC) and American Dad (Fox).

Screamers: Besides the Transformer albums had you ever placed ‘Dare’ or ‘TheTouch’ on another of your albums?

Stan Bush: I re-recorded “The Touch” for my 2007 album “In This Life”.  The original versions of “The Touch” and “Dare” are on the “Call To Action” album, and of course the original version “The Touch” is on the “Stan Bush & Barrage” album (1986).  They’re all available on my website I also have a song in the new Activision game “Transformers: War for Cybertron”.  The song “Til All Are One” was re-written from the song “Ground Zero”.

Screamers: I was at Botcon 97 when you did that first concert for the fans..What were your feelings to the fan reaction as you sung both those songs?

Stan Bush: I was blown away!  It was a really cool concert, mostly because of the fan reaction and the general vibe.  I found out later that was pretty much the first Botcon that had ‘special guests’.  Before then, it was mostly toy dealers.

Screamers: And can fans look forward to seeing you at future Botcons and possible see you in concert again someday?

Stan Bush: Yes, definitely!  I’m looking forward to performing at Botcons in the future.

Screamers: Now that I’ve talked about Transformers quite a bit, I’d like to learn more on your past projects and the future ones. First I’d like to ask you..What first inspired you to be a musician?

Stan Bush: I think one factor had to be seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan as a kid.  Plus I always loved to sing when I was little.  I started playing guitar when I was about ten.

Screamers: Becoming a song writer.. Can you tell fans a little about the first song you had written?

Stan Bush: There was a song, I wrote when I was really young (maybe around 20) called “If I Could Fly”.  Most of my life I’ve had dreams where I could fly.  I think it means something, but I’m not sure what.  🙂

Screamers: Not forgetting any of the other movie related and television wise projects you’ve worked on. Can you give fans a little history on some of the projects you’ve done. Such as the theme from Bloodsport and Love Don’t Lie..You’ve also sung the song ‘She’s Got the Power’ for Sailor Moon correct?

Stan Bush: Yeah, I sang three songs in each of the first two Jean-Claude Van Damme films, “Bllodsport” and “Kickboxer”.  “The Touch” appeared in “Transformers: The Movie” and in “Boogie Nights”.  I won an Emmy-Award for ‘best original song’ for TV and had a song in the 1996 Olympics (“Capture the Dream”).  And as you mentioned I sang “She’s Got the Power” on the Sailor Moon soundtrack album.

Screamers: Do you have a website with a list of all the songs you’ve ever listed on an album? The reason I ask is..I’ve found all the albums you’ve produced but I’d love to see a list of all the songs that were on each album.

Stan Bush: By popular demand, the website has track listings for all my albums, both and

Screamers: My own questions centers more oh your first two albums. ‘Stan Bush’ and ‘Stan Bush & Barrage’. I’d love to hear more of your music from back in the eighties and saying this. Can fans still buy some of your past CDs?

Stan Bush: Yes, all my albums are available on

Screamers: Can you tell fans about your latest CD ‘Dream The Dream’ What songs can we look forward to hearing?

Stan Bush: I’m very happy with the new album.  Tthe last album “In This Life” got great reviews and though we had to work really hard, I think we’ve got ourselves another amazing album. Some of the songs have a ‘go for it’ message, and some are about love, life and a search for meaning.”  My producer Holger Fath teamed up with me again for “Dream the Dream”.

Other songwriters contributing to this new release are Bobby Bart axe, Blackfoot), Curt Cuomo (KISS, Eddie Money), Ed Tree and Lenny Macaluso.  Holger Fath producer/guitartist (and also keys) is brilliant, and he’s been a close friend for years. Matt Laug (Alice Cooper, Slash,) is one of the best rock drummers in Los Angeles, and on bass, Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Rick Springfield,) is incredibly solid.

Screamers: What are your plans for the future? [Concert wise, up coming CDs and new songs]

Stan Bush: I’m working on new songs at the moment to submit for upcoming films, TV, and games, as well as a new album.  I may do a tour in Europe. Please check the website for possible shows.  Also I mentioned “The Touch” will soon be released on Rock Band!

Screamers: Thanks again Stan for doing this interview, we fans love you and look forward to seeing you a Botcon!

Stan Bush: Thank you!  I really appreciate all the kind support from the fans!

You Can Of Course Learn More On Stan’s Upcoming Projects At :


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    By Dave Wolff, September 24, 2010 @ 1:34 am

    I definitely feel the 80s “go for it” vibe while reading this interview… 🙂

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