Sep 10 2010

Knowing The Baroness As A Toy Collector

Knowing The Baroness As A Toy Collector

Why & How I Became The Baroness

When you see me in costume as the Baroness.. it’s not just to be wearing the costume.. there’s a lot of love for the characters and a long history with me and the Baroness. Starting back in 1983.

My first time being introduced to G.I. Joe and the Baroness herself was at my friends Steve’s house. He was not only the friend to introduce me to G.I. Joe.. but also one of the friends that introduced to me Star Wars.(Although the Star Wars blog will have to wait until later.) It was the summer of 83 that I first held the Baroness and even though he had many other characters.. she was the one I wanted to play with.

Over time I grew to love the cartoon.. the toys.. but never was allowed to collect the toys as a teenager..because my mom had a silly thing about snakes. What with Cobra and the look of Serpentor.. it had been totally out of the question to collect them.

That is until the early 90’s. I started collecting Transformers big time and along with that came the Joes and Cobras. How far does my love go? Well besides the costumes. A Baroness of course and a female Cobra commander that should be done by this spring. We no longer having a dinning room table.

One year I asked for the Cobra Terrordrome for Christmas.. the dinning room table became Cobra Island.. that that’s never changed. Call me dorky and a nerd.. but I’ve gone as far as to give all my Dreadnoks Hot Wheel Harleys. Since in the Marvel comics they always rode around on motorcycles and loved grape soda ^^

For Valentines day one year..instead of flowers and chocolates. I asked for a Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander [Long time collectors will know all about him.] He was the first Cobra Commander released. The Cobra symbol reminds you of Mickey Mouse, it was before the improved Cobra symbol that was placed on the toys.

And knowing is half the battle!


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    By Wheeljack35, September 10, 2010 @ 10:33 am

    I was till getting Star Wars figures till the time Droids and Ewoks came out then in 84 I started to watch a little cartoon that grew and grew.The Transformers.I’m bummed because I could of bought Fort Max back then but at the time I thought and still do think that $80 for a toy was nuts.There was a lull after 87 because Pretenders sucked and the mini transformers did too.So for a few years after that I had no inspiatation to collect anything then G2 hit.I was very surprised to see old G1 back.After that it died off again till 1995 when Hasbro put out new Star Wars figure for the first time in over 10 years.Then Beast Wars came and its been nonstop ever since.

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    By Screamer, September 10, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

    Now that’s cool on your history, I think I only really gave up on collecting toys for maybe one year and that was between 90 to mid 91. Mainly the comics had died out, but once I started finding Transformers at local Thrift stores I was back into the swing of things :)

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    By John Piemonte, September 10, 2010 @ 5:37 pm

    I think my first transformer was G1 blurr.

    I have a picture Of me when i was 6 years old hold him along with his gun wish i knew where that picture was.

    i remember when i was a little kid going to the Movie theator to see Transformers the movie i think i only did this onces and brought blurr in with me.

    i remember cring when optimus prime died.

    Well anyways

    I lost My orignal blur. when i was younger and then i remember getting Scorpanok. and likeing gi joe. i use to watch gi joe Jem and thunder cats and pole pistion He-man she ra there was more but i can’t really remember.

    then when i was 12 (1992) years old i went to the video store and rented transformers cartoon Epoised like them thought it was cool. there was only about 10 epoiseds the return of optimus part and the more then meets the eyes ep fire in the sky and the fire on the mountain.

    Remember Frist time in a since 1986 seeing Transformers the movie. didn’t see transformes the movie untill i was 15 16 (1996) years old and really really like it and Cried when prime died and gave a thumbs up when hot rod became rodimus prime. i copyied it from the video store and watch it over and over again.

    then one day didn’t realizes it i want to record a show and recorded the simpsion over it buy mistake.

    In the 90’s i like TMNT and power rangers. saw some g2 tansformers. went to the store and bought them for me not Having Some of the orginal when i was a kid.

    then a few years ogo I was cleaning out my parents garage and happen to find out whole box Filled with g1 toys.

    some of them are in good condtion some of them are In bad contion.

    then in 2005 five i got a new G1 blurr and got Some of the TF that i always wanted when i was a kid like Hotrod and kup blaster rodimus prime and others.

    i would say maybe i have 75 transformers between g1 g2 and armada And even Animated. 1 transformers 2007 movie figure of optimus prime

    1 animatied ultra magnus.

    i meet Screamers 2 year ago while on myspace and been talking to her ever since really enjoy looking at her site and my space page and talking to her. she broght back some of my 80 memeories from shows i coudln’t remember. lots of 80’s stuff.

    some shows like he-man and She ra. i remember the name but not some of the epoised same thing with gi joe and transformers and many others.

    she brought back the 80’s into my life again and remember the cartoons and movie when i was 9 and 10 years old and younger.


    She also gave me a new found love for the Delorean. never really had a Favorite Car that i can like and see in person. but She a video blog of her Delorean and i fill in love with it.

    after seen a few of them in my life time. just back in 2008 for the first time in my life. i’m still exccited to see them even though it’s rarly ever get to see them.

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    By Tyrone Holloway Jr., September 10, 2010 @ 8:00 pm

    Looks like we both became fans partly due to our parents. My dad kept destroying my Transformers the Movie Soundtracks over and over cause it wasnt Christian music which only made me more and more obsessed. That terrodome is awesome! I never played with one but I have played with the Joe base before and seeing it brings me back thanks for this post.

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    By Dave Wolff, September 16, 2010 @ 1:55 am

    During the earliest years of my youth I had a variety of collectibles (mostly action figures) from Star Wars, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and Space: 1999 along with several superheroes and classic monsters such as Dracula and Wolfman. They definitely sparked my imagination then; I was inventing scenarios for Trek and Wars long before I seriously began writing. And of course, who could forget the twelve-inch KISS action figures from the late 70s?

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