Aug 23 2010

Jem Con 2010: Set Your Sails For New England

Jem Con 2010: Set Your Sails For New England

Like Transformers last year, it’s Jem’s turn to celebrate her 25th anniversary!  With a fan base just like Transformers and G.I. Joe this toy line has had five conventions now, each year bringing voice actors and original writers to the convention. Not only that they offer a party,  this year I’ve also been told they’ll be offer a birthday celebration. Things that have really caught my eye are the dealers room, the parts sell and trade night and then also a costume contest. It’s a convention that promises to be Totally Outrageous!

The Time and Place!

September 24-26th
Manchester, New Hampshire


Samantha Newark – The speaking voice of “Jem/Jerrica

Britta Phillips – The singing voice of “Jem”

Ellen Bernfeld – The singing voice of “Pizzazz”

Anne Bryant – Song-writer for the Jem

Michael Charles Hill – Script Writer for the Jem

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Personal Memories of The Toy Line & Cartoon

Although I watched the cartoon quite often with my younger sister, she had always been the Jem and the Holograms fan while I had been the Misfits fan and although I had mainly collected Transformers myself in the eighties. My mom did get me the Stormer doll, then got my sister all the holograms for Christmas that same year. Now twenty some years later, I’m really a Jem collector constantly showing off my collection as you’ll see here and with a good start I also plan to dress up as my favorite character ‘Stormer’ at Jem Con!

A Look At My Personal Collection

The Misfits

Jem And The Holograms

The Starlight girls and Rio

All my Jem Dolls

A Bit Of Toy & Cartoon History

Transformers Cartoon and Jem Two Of The Same In Many Ways!

Like Transformers the Jem toy line and cartoon was designed in the eighties, but unlike the boys toys of Hasbro, this line had been designed for the girls. The Transformers cartoon had been produced by Sunbow and had quite a few of the same voice actors ‘Micheal Bell’ being one those actors and quite a few of the same story writers. With such amazing stories and character, the cartoon and the toy line would soon be an instant hit!

Giving You A Look At The Cartoon Through The Intro!


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    By Wheeljack35, August 23, 2010 @ 6:21 pm

    I was never a Jem fan but New England I’m from Connecticut and homesick

    I think Krystal is going to this one also

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